Counseling for Women

Do you feel like you are constantly on the run and don’t have time for yourself?  Do you often feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted?  Do you wish you could just balance your emotions, make confident decisions, and feel more in control of your life?

Being a professional woman can present unique and difficult challenges.  Balancing work and family, in addition to your personal happiness, may often feel impossible.  Maybe you go to work every day and feel guilty about not being home with your kids.  Perhaps, you have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition that causes severe discomfort, and you worry about how your condition will affect your career, family, and relationships.  Maybe you are dealing with the loss of a friend, family member, pregnancy.  Perhaps you’re the child of immigrant parents and feel torn between being loyal to your culture of origin and adapting to a new lifestyle.  Or, maybe you and your partner have been experiencing discord in your relationship because of time, or issues with intimacy, trust, communication, or responsibilities. Regardless of specifics, you just feel ungrounded, stressed out, and a little lost.  

It’s common for women to experience heavy feelings of depression and anxiety, lowered self-esteem, guilt, fear, and to get lost in the responsibilities of the day to day life.  The good news is that you can create peace and balance in your life.  Counseling can help women manage worry, regain self-esteem, manage and process anxiety, depression, guilt, fear, loss and grief. Therapy provides you with a safe space to express everything that causes you stress, uncertainty, and worry.  

You can feel balanced and empowered in your life.  Are you ready to do so?