Men & Relationships

Is it hard for you to open up to others, including your spouse?  Do you feel like an observer of your life instead of living it?  Do you feel less successful at home, and more so at work?  Is it difficult for you to know what you are feeling unless it’s anger?  Are you afraid your feelings are too much for you or your loved ones?  Do your male friendships feel shallow and unsatisfying?

In our society, most men are not raised to be in touch with their feelings, and often have hard time understanding what others are feeling.  Men are trained from a very early age to be competitive, and to see any display of emotion as being “weak.”  As a result, expressing feelings is not safe, because it’s an opportunity for others to tease, attack, harass.  This often unspoken code impacts men’s ability to be open with their feelings, to be intimate, and to constructively deal with their own emotions and those of others.

Expressing tenderness and being emotionally open are important to nurturing healthy relationships with those around you.  Yet, anxiety, depression, worry, tension, anger, impatience and irritability, lack of confidence, and life and work stress get in the way.  Therapy for men is an important way to get help in stepping over these hurdles and improving your relationships. 

What will you get out of therapy?
You’ll learn how to express yourself clearly and directly.  
You’ll learn emotional awareness and self regulation.  
You’ll figure out how to identify what you’re feeling – other than anger.
You’ll learn how to manage stress.

See for yourself what therapy can do for you.